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Learn In-Demand skills on parametric modeling and digital fabrication from experts in our week-long immersive course.

Mexico City, November 16-21

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Discover why professionals at leading architecture firms rely on Rhino & Grasshopper to excel in their work. Dive into fundamental concepts and techniques, to create better projects.

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Tap into the demand for parametric modeling skills, and translate new knowledge into career gains. This workshop is designed by industry experts to align with today’s employer demands.

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Take your talents to the next level by complementing them with these set of skills that will enhance your ideas execution so you become a decision maker within your organization.

Parametric Modeling in the real world

Parametric Modelling is shaping many aspects of the current design process, with applications spanning from geometry rationalization, data-driven-design and analysis, and more — Leading Architecture firms to use parametric modeling techniques to tackle down their more challenging problems. Here are just a few examples of its application.

Data-Driven Design

Creating Analytical models informed with the main constraints of your project.

Geometry Rationalization 

Rationalization of complex constructive design solutions.

Analysis & Simulation

Analysis and simulations to measure and calibrate your designs. These could be form-finidng , sructural environmental etc..

Digital Fabrication

Develop and create files for different  fabrication methods such as: CNC ,3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Robotics. 

Digital Fabrication


Day 01:

  • Workshop Presentation
  • Rhino 3d Block 01 (Mesh vs Nurbs, Commands &Toolbars, Views)
  • Rhino 3d Block 02 (Move/Scale/Rotate, Points, Lines and curves)
  • Rhino 3d Block 03 (Solids, Extrusions, Lofts, Planar Srf, Sweep Rails,Srfpt)
  • Rhino 3d Block 04 (Layers, Sublayers, Colors, Properties, Show/Hide, Export, Print, Layout)
  • Grasshopper Block 01 - What is Parametric modeling? Methods, tools, and applications
  • Grasshopper Block 02 - (Programming Principles, Interface, Work Canvas, Components(input, output, cable connection, disconnecting) Cartesian System, Point, Vector & Plane.
  • Grasshopper Block 03 (Point, Move, Sliders, Panel, Series&Range, Vector, Line , Circle, Ellipse)

Day 2:

  • Grasshopper Block 04 (Domain, Rectangle, Curve Components, Surface Components)
  • Grasshopper Block 05 (Orient, Scale, Rotate, Solids, Cap, Join, Explode)
  • Grasshopper Block 06 (Points on Crv, Reparametrization, Isocurve, IsoSurface)
  • Grasshopper Block 07 (Divide Surface, Lunchbox Plug-In)
  • Grasshopper Block 08 (Reorient divide surface to an XY plane and Nesting)

Day 3: 

  • Design Block 01 What is digital fabrication? Methods, tools, and applications. Design assignment explanation. 
  • Design Block 02 Formulating design strategy, sketching, brainstorming.
  • Design Block 03 Refining design, thinking about member sizes, joints, connections with the base, connections with other members 
  • Design Block 04 Finishing design 
  • Design Block 05 Presentation of design to the group. 
  • Picking of winning projects and teams

Day 4:

  • Prep Block 01 Q&A with guest expert
  • Prep Block 02 Preparing design for CNC milling
  • Prep Block 03 Generation of construction drawings

Day 5:

  • Fab Block 01 Fabrication of the members using the CNC milling machine
  • Fab Block 02 Portfolio review with a guest expert. 
  • Fab Block 03 Pre-Assembly preparation 

Day 6:

  • Installations Assembly
  • Workshop Closure

Mexico City, November 16-21

*Venue soon to be announced.


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Why is this workshop relevant today?

Finding and architecture position can prove to be a daunting challenge, even more having the opportunity to occupy a position where meaningful work gets done.

Becoming proficient in parametric modeling will be a key differentiator from your competition as you'll be better-equipped with skills that are in high demands to solve an office's more complex problems.  

What practical skill sets can I expect to have after completing this workshop?

  • Understanding the fundamental of the Rhino Grasshopper Interfaces
  • Computer Science basics ( Programming) 
  • Breaking down problems into algorithms
  • Create parametric definitions to automate design tasks 
  • Understand material constraints
  • Automating construction and fabrication drawings
  • Prepare files for CNC machining 
  • Assemble a final 1:1 Installation prototype

How were the topics chosen for this workshop?

Contents for this workshop were chosen by industry professionals with plenty of experience on the use parametric modeling tool in real projects.

It's comprehended in two main units, the first one being a dense introduction into the technical use or Rhino & Grasshopper and the second one being a project-oriented activity where participants delve into design and fabrication aspects o building a 1:1 prototype structure. Always keeping in mind the applicability of these task into the professional realm. 

What happens after I attend this workshop?

This event will serve you as an introductory experience where you'll have a clear view of parametric modeling, and how does it gets applied in real situations and the beneficial implications it has in projects. 

It's our hope after this workshop, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to continue your learning journey. It's a steep learning curve at the beginning so we'll be here to ease it as much as we can. 

We have your back !!

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